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TOYOHARI ~ Japanese Meridian Therapy


Toyohari© is a form of traditional East Asian medicine. It is a refined system of Japanese meridian therapy. It is different from most other forms of acupuncture in that it uses more delicate (often non-inserted) and specialized treatment methods, placing great emphasis on the use of pulse diagnosis and palpation skills. Its theoretical foundation is derived from the medical classics: Nei Jing, Su Wen, Ling Shu and primarily the Nan Jing.

The Toyohari© Association was founded by blind acupuncturists in 1959 in Japan, evolving out of earlier developments in meridian therapy in the 1930s and 1940s.

Toyohari training helps practitioners develop extraordinary sensitivity to Qi. The Toyohari© Association has developed unique training and teaching methods that can accelerate the learning of skills that usually take many years of practice to develop. Many who have studied the Toyohari© style of acupuncture have reported that it is what they had hoped acupuncture school training would be and what they found lacking in their basic education.

Toyohari today includes both sighted and blind practitioners. Toyohari© is offered as a post-graduate training program in Japan, North America, Europe and Australasia. The curriculum is highly organized with an emphasis on hands-on clinical training and Kozato method study practice involving feedback to enhance skills.

The late past President of the Toyohari© Association, Kodo Fukushima, wrote a book available in English translation, “Meridian Therapy”, which is required reading for the program.

Graduation from the certificate program entitles graduates to join the Toyohari© Association through one of the local International Branches (found in North America, Europe and Australasia) and become a registered Toyohari© practitioner. The principle purposes of the Branches are to foster and improve clinical skills by providing feedback and ongoing study opportunities both in Branch study groups and study sessions with senior Japanese instructors in Japan, North America, Europe and Australasia.

Graduates will considerably improve their pulse and tactile diagnostic and assessment skills, develop a greater sense of Qi sensitivity and learn a range of non-stimulation methods specifically aimed at regulating the distribution of Qi, enhancing the constitutional well-being of patients as well as relieving symptoms.

Toyohari is a powerful therapeutic system for both preventing disease and maintaining health.

If you are an acupuncturist looking to deepen your skills, we look forward to training and studying with you.  If you are someone looking for an acupuncturist trained in Toyohari, please see our registered member listing  Arigato gozaimasu !

"When there is deficiency, tonify. When there is excess, sedate.  The way to health is through regulating and harmonizing the Qi…."

"When there is deficiency, tonify. When there is excess, sedate.  The way to health is through regulating and harmonizing the Qi…."